Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. How do I receive a Completion Certificate?

A. To receive a completion certificate you have to complete at least 90% of all quizzes/tests in a module whereby EVERY completed quiz/test must have a passing grade of at least 90%. (Note: It is possible to complete more than 90% of quizzes/tests in a module and have an AVERAGE grade of over 90% but still not have earned a completion certificate.)
Q. How do I enter a course?
A. Assuming you have already created an account with a username, you can click the link at the bottom of any course image. If you are not already logged in, it will prompt you to enter your username and password. Once logged in, you can click the same link at the bottom of the course image and you will then enter the course.

Q. Are there textbooks that accompany this course?
A. No. This is a completely online course. The course is very comprehensive in nature and is sort of a textbook within itself. If you would like to purchase a suggested reference manual, we suggest "Principles of Home Inspection- Systems and Standards" 2nd Edition by Carson Dunlap. This book is usually available on or from Dearborne Publishing.

Q. Should I follow any particular order for the courses in the program?
A. No. There is no set order that you should take the courses in, but you could consider this suggested order:

Basics Module BA 1010

Roofing RF 2210

Exterior Elements EX 2310

Structural Systems SR 2010

Heating Systems HE 3110

Cooling CO 3210

Electric Systems EL 3010

Plumbing Systems 3310

Hot Water Supply Systems HW 3410

Interior Elements IN 2410

Insulation and Ventilation IV 2110.

These courses can be used as stand alone courses also. No one course is a requesite of the other. They can be taken in the suggested order or in any order that you choose.

Q. What is NIBI Certified?

A. NIBI Certified is a program for established inspectors that want to increase their level of education and certification.

Q. How do I contact NIBI for Tech Support?

A. The best form of contact is by email at Please be as specific as possible in your questions. We will, provide support as soon as possible and email is the preferred method for this.


Q. Does this course count towards pre-licensing and/or continuing education requirements in my State?

A. It depends. In some States it does, in others it does not. And States are constantly changing their licensing and continuing education requirements. Therefore it is best if you contact your State prior to enrolling if that is your purpose of enrolling in this course. However the material and scope of context presented in this on-line course probably exceeds most State pre-licensing requirements.

Q. How do I receive my final certificate?

A. The program is designed to present a completion certificate for each module completed. You can view/print these by clicking on 'My Profile' in the upper right corner of the screen. If you require a final completion certificate from a funding organization (e.g. Cengage/Ed2Go) please contact them directly. 

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