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Welcome to the NIBI® Online Institute's Learning Portal. NIBI online courses are designed to provide information and guidance for individuals seeking to begin a career in home inspections, as well as continuing education opportunities for active inspectors.

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Student Verification & Interactivity

Student Verification

By enrolling in this course, the student hereby attests that s/he is the person completing all coursework. S/he understands that having another person complete the coursework for him or her is fraudulent and will result in being denied course completion and corresponding credit hours.

The course provider reserves the right to make contact as necessary to verify the integrity of any information submitted or communicated by the student. The student agrees not to duplicate or distribute any part of this copyrighted work or provide other parties with the answers or copies of the assessments that are part of this course. If plagiarism or copyright infringement is proven, the student will be notified of such and barred from the course and/or have his/her credit hours and/or certification revoked.

Communication on the message board or forum shall be of the person completing all coursework.


Interactivity between the student and the course provider is made by the opportunity to correspond via email. Students will receive a timely response within 24 hours during the work week and by close of business on Monday for questions received over the weekend.


Joe Cummins, joe.cummins@nibi.com